Fundação Renova


The resettlement of families that lost their homes due to the passage of the tailings originating from the Fundao dam collapse, has the mission of restoring the ways of life and the organization of the communities. Since the disaster, emergency actions have been taken, such as financial aid, temporary housing for the affected families, and health and psychosocial care.

The affected communities have a main role in this process and are the primary guide for the reconstruction of the districts of Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo, in Mariana (MG), of Gesteira, in Barra Longa (MG), and the rural areas of these municipalities. This work involves planning, urban concepts, project approval, adaptation to challenges of the lands, design of each house according to the family’s wishes, installation of collective goods, and approval of each project by the municipal office, among other stages. On the part of the government, there is also a need to develop and pass legislation related to the construction of new urban centers.