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The Construction of Gesteira


Located 18 km from Barra Longa (MG), the district of Gesteira Velha was one of the towns affected by the collapse of the Fundão dam on November 5, 2015. The daily routine and way of life of the community that lived on the banks of the Gualaxo do Norte river was shattered. In all, twenty families, eight houses, one shop, eleven lots, one Catholic church, one soccer field and one school were affected.

Over the years, the town of Gesteira has been marked by environmental disasters. In 1979, the town was flooded by the Gualaxo do Norte River. The residents took refuge in a neighboring area located in a higher part of the region. This area was donated by a local farmer to the families to rebuild their lives. Together, the residents built their new houses, their recreational areas, shops, sports court, square, their backyards, livestock installations and plantations.Thus, Gesteira was divided into two parts: the Old one, located on lower ground, and the New one, located on higher ground, today called Mutirão. This area also sustained damages due to the collapse.

Current status

Since the beginning of 2020, the resettlement of Gesteira is being dealt with in the Public Civil Action that is pending in the 12th Federal Civil / Agrarian Court of Minas Gerais State. The conceptual project was prepared by the Renova Foundation, based on the preliminary project formulated by the community, technical advisory and Socio-Environmental Studies and Research Group (GEPSA) of the Federal University of Ouro Preto, and filed in the Public Civil Action records in May 2020. Currently, the Renova Foundation awaits the court’s decision regarding the conceptual project and the proposed water supply presented, according to the alternatives discussed and defined by the community in a virtual assembly held in June 2020.


Renova Foundation, responding to the requests of families from Gesteira, submitted a proposal and signed agreements with eight families for property acquisition, through the right to housing repaparation program known as ‘family resettlement’. The registration of the agreements was performed within the framework of the public civil action proceeding at the 12th Federal Court. After the property purchase, and ownership transfer to the head of the family, Renova Foundation is responsible for the move to the new house, for providing technical support for the restructuring of the family’s economic and productive activities, for continuous social assistance,  and socio-economic monitoring.

The Construction of Gesteira


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