Fundação Renova

About the Agreement

The Renova Foundation was founded on June 30, 2016, and began its operation on August 2 of the same year. The institution is the result of the signing of the Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term (TTAC), on March 2, between Samarco Mineração, with the support of its shareholders, Vale and BHP Billiton, and the Federal Government, State Governments of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo (two brazilian states), and other government agencies. The Term defines Renova as the entity responsible for the creation, management and execution of actions to repair and compensate the areas and communities affected by the collapse of the Fundão dam.

The Solution Model

The Renova Foundation’s programs are based on two main fronts: remediation and compensation. The first is to restore and reestablish communities and resources affected by the dam collapse, while the compensation front aims for replace or compensate what is not subject to remediation.

Given the Transaction Term of Conduct Adjustment (TTAC), the programs can be closely monitored and have the participation of affected communities in decision making. In addition, the work also receives monitoring and audits, ensuring that civil society is aware of the investments being made and the generated results.

The Renova Foundation consists of the Curators Board – which includes the participation of a member of the Public Service Charter – Executive Board, Supervisory Board and Advisory Council, as well as technical experts and independent audits.

The Inter-federative Committee – composed of representatives of environmental agencies and public administration, signatories of the Transaction Term of Conduct Adjustment (TTAC) – is responsible for advising on the plans, programs and projects and suggests solution proposals of the impacts caused by the collapse. It is also function of the Committee to establish channels of participation of civil society and may, for this, call specific meetings and listen to interested organizations.

The photo shows weeding practiced on a sugar cane plantation on a Barra Longa farm, Minas Gerais.
The photo shows weeding practiced on a sugar cane plantation on a Barra Longa farm, Minas Gerais.

The Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term (TTAC) is a document written in Portuguese that holds legally enforceable and normative rights and it can be executed at any time under the Brazilian law.

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The repair and compensation operation fronts managed by the Renova Foundation were divided into three thematic axes, which group the main focus of operation in the recovery process of the impacts caused by the dam collapse. The thematic axes make it possible to understand the interrelationships between the actions outlined in the Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term (TTAC).


  • Identification and indemnification
  • Education and culture
  • Health and wellness
  • Traditional and indigenous communities
  • Stimulus to the economy
  • Engagement and dialogue


  • Use of soil
  • Water management
  • Tailings management
  • Biodiversity
  • Animal Assistance
  • Innovation


  • Resettlement
  • Containment of tailings
  • Treatment of water and tributaries
  • Urban infrastructure and access