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Are you looking for information about the actions managed by the Renova Foundation in the municipalities affected by the collapse of the Fundão dam? See the frequently asked questions list or, if you prefer, contact our team through Contact Us.


No. Enrolling in the Program is on a voluntary base.

PIM is available for individuals and micro and small businesses that suffered material or non-material damage or loss of economical activities, as a direct and immediate consequence of the Fundão dam collapse.

No. There are no costs or fees for those interested in participating in the Program.

Yes. Those interested may refrain from participating in the program at any time, free of charge. If after refraining the interested part wishes to return to the program, he/she can only enter again by scheduling a new appointment, returning to the beginning of the process.

Yes, but if the indemnification offer is accepted, the impacted party should terminate the action through renunciation and may not file new lawsuits during the period of participation in the program, which are aimed at possible indemnifications claims arising from the accident. If no agreement is reached, the impacted party may initiate or continue the suspended lawsuit.

No. The impacted party may show up alone at the mediation session or, if preferred, accompanied by a lawyer or assisted by a public defender.

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