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Published in: 05/18/2021

Recovery of Infrastructure

The construction works will take one week and aim to repair the sewer network in the Volta da Capela neighborhood

The sanitary sewer system at Avenida Edmundo Mariano da Costa Lanna, in the Volta da Capela neighborhood, in Barra Longa (MG), will undergo correction works due to sinking land where the pipeline is installed. Carried out by the Renova Foundation, the repair works take place between April 12 and 24, from number 267 (near Ponte Quidumba) to the Chapel, totaling 153 meters.

Paulo Manso from the Infrastructure area of the Renova Foundation explains that it will be necessary to remove the asphalt layer and dig down to the trench. “The inserted material has started to sink and to correct it we need to remove the existing material and replace it,” he says. 

During the works, vehicle traffic needs to follow the “Stop and Drive” instructions. Signage will also be installed, indicating any partial road closures. In addition, the areas with repair works will be closed off with protective grids and screens, minimizing possible impacts to the population. All trenches opened throughout the day will be properly closed at the end of each work shift.

The actions follow Decree No. 2000 of the Municipality of Barra Longa, which determines that at least 50% of the employees involved in the civil construction activities of the Renova Foundation must be residing in the municipality.

Preventive measures against Covid-19

To prevent the proliferation of the novel coronavirus, a series of protocols will be followed, in compliance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local government, such as taking the employees’ temperature daily, social distancing from the community, mandatory use of masks and hand sanitizer, among others.

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