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Published in: 02/20/2019

Recovery of Infrastructure

Part of the tailings accumulated at the Risoleta Neves Hydroelectric Power Plant will be transported to Floresta Farm, a property acquired in 2016, located in Rio Doce


On 02/19, the Renova Foundation and the Priority Projects Office of the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of Minas Gerais (Suppri/Semad-MG) signed a Term of Conduct Adjustment (TAC) that enables the continuity of maintenance, control and environmental management at the Floresta Farm until the issuance of the corrective operation license.

The Floresta Farm, located 3 kilometers from the Candonga plant, is undergoing adjustments to receive part of the tailings accumulated in the reservoir. | Photo: Nitro Images

The property was acquired in 2016 to receive part of the tailings from the Fundao dam that were accumulated in the reservoir of the Risoleta Neves Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP), called Candonga, in Rio Doce.

The TAC also provides for mitigation and compensatory measures for the socio-environmental impacts related to the recovery works at the plant, as well as monitoring and environmental management actions in the municipality of Rio Doce, such as the construction of a physiotherapy center, the purchase of an ambulance and the renovations at the local Military Police office.

Other measures planned: review cost calculation of the Doce River Master Plan; recovery of urban and rural roads; implementation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Santana do Deserto, Rio Doce subdistrict near the area; selective collection in the public schools of the municipal and state networks of Rio Doce; automation of the water pumping system and adaptation of the electrical system of the already existing elevated stations; recovery and revitalization project for the Lajes Stream Basin.

The TAC also covers the presentation and review of engineering projects and solutions to be executed on site.


In order to receive the tailings accumulated in Candonga, the Floresta Farm – located 3 km from the plant – is undergoing a series of adjustments.

Dredging material (80% water and 20% tailings) will be deposited in dry piles, which will undergo environmental analysis and recovery. The remaining water will be treated and discharged into the river, in compliance with current regulations.

Meanwhile, the entrances and exits of the hydroelectric turbines will be cleaned. This will enable the recovery of the electrical generators and ensure that each one operates at full capacity when the reservoir is full.

The works are expected to end in 2020.

Other drainage adjustment works have also been carried out in the region. The goal is to contain the slopes of the lake to control the waters and reduce erosion during the rainy season.

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