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The Renova Foundation intensifies its actions for the rainy season in Colatina

Published in: 10/27/2016

Rainy Season

Plan created by the entity looks into preventive and contingency actions

Created to repair, restore and reconstruct the damages caused by the Fundão dam collapse, the Renova Foundation continues taking measures to avoid and mitigate any impacts during the upcoming rainy season. Therefore, over the last few months, we have developed a plan focused on preventive and contingency actions.


Improvements to the Water Treatment Plants (ETAs)
Improvements to the infrastructures for optimizing the Water Treatment Plants (ETAs).

Alternative water withdrawal
New alternatives for water withdrawal to ensure the supply to Colatina: there are two new water pipelines being constructed and two existing artisanal wells are being revitalized completely.

Continuous sample taking
Samples are being collected regularly along the Doce River in order to monitor if the water is suitable and within the standards established by the relevant bodies. The monitoring of the turbidity also takes place daily along the river.

Constant monitoring
Follow-ups, tests and reports about the water quality are performed daily at the Colatina ETAs.

Command Center
Colatina will have a Command Center, with a specialized team and direct communication with Civil Defense, the environmental organizations and the other relevant bodies, ensuring quick decision making about adversities related to the rainy season and speeding up the communication process with the society.

Construction of the Pancas river pipeline, in Colatina/ES

Construction of the Pancas river pipeline, in Colatina/ES. | Photo: Jefferson Rocio


To learn more about the action plans for the rainy season in Colatina click here (avaiable only in Portuguese).

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