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Published in: 03/04/2022

Rainy Season

Learn about safety guidelines and prevention of damage caused by rain for those who live in risky places

In this season of heavy rains, care must be taken to prevent landslides and floods. Those who live on land close to slopes should monitor the appearance of cracks in the houses or swelling and slope of walls; waters that are dirtier and muddier than usual coming down the slope; and loose or unstable rock blocks or chips.

These are some of the guidelines available in the Civil Defense Municipal Risk Reduction Plan (PMRR) booklet, made in partnership with the Renova Foundation. Other recommendations include not building on the banks of rivers and streams; do not throw garbage or rubble on slopes, vacant lots, culverts or streets; and avoid building pits close to ravines and slopes.

In addition to preserving the safety of families, these actions also prevent property and environmental damage. The PMRR guides municipalities in the execution of structural and non-structural actions to prevent geological and hydrological risks. If you notice any risk near your home, report it to the Civil Defense, on 199, or to the Municipal Guard, on 153. Access the brochure to learn more:

Improvements for mining towns

R$4.5 million was transferred to Mariana, and the municipalities of Barra Longa, Rio Doce and Santa Cruz do Escalvado received R$1.5 million each. The funds will be allocated to the Civil Defense of the municipalities, to improve structures and/or service to the population, through construction and/or renovation of the agency’s headquarters and purchase of items such as vehicles and drones. The transfer follows an agreement approved by the 12th Federal Court, which will make the amount available to cities.

In addition to the resources, actions such as community preparation (NUPDEC), work with schools, improvements in the communication system, training and qualification of Civil Defense agents and mapping of geological/geotechnical and hydrological risk areas are still in progress.

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