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Published in: 07/05/2019

Melhoria de Infraestrutura , Infrastructure Improvement

The interventions, constraints of the resettlement of Bento Rodrigues, should mobilize about 120 workers and should take 18 months


The works to improve the suitability of the Mariana sanitary landfill (MG) were started. The action will make it possible to place garbage in properly sealed areas, preventing any contact between the waste and the natural terrain. This method will leave the landfill in optimal working condition and avoid any inconvenience to nearby residents and the environment.

Improving the suitability of the Mariana landfill (MG) is a constraining action of the Bento Rodrigues resettlement construction works. | Photo: Released

The necessary interventions for the landfill were agreed between the Renova Foundation and the Mariana Municipal Office, with intervention of the Federal Prosecution Service. The agencies signed a Commitment Statement (“TC”) affirming maximum effort to complete the works prior to the occupation of the Bento Rodrigues resettlement. The TC also provides for the creation of a fund of R$15 million so that the municipality has the necessary resources to properly operate the landfill for a period of five years. 

Around 70,000 m³ of waste will be contained and moved, and the civil facilities and sorting and composting factory will be renovated. Improving the suitability of the site is a demand of the community.

Job opportunities

Renova Foundation’s Program to Stimulate Local Hiring is looking for workers for the renovation at the landfill. Initially, about 120 professionals will be mobilized. Those interested should send their resumes to the Sine Office (National Employment System) of Mariana, located at JK Square, s/n, in downtown Mariana.

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