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Published in: 07/24/2020


Resumption of works following measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 

In July, the Renova Foundation resumed the works that are part of the reparation process in the municipality of Barra Longa. The decision was made jointly with the municipality of Barra Longa and its Health and Sanitary Surveillance sectors and followed a strict health and safety protocol. By August, three work fronts will have resumed activities for the coming months. 

Works on rural properties that are part of the Socioeconomic and Environmental Adequacy Plan, PASEA, resumed on July 20. The action involves the construction, reconstruction, and renovation of various structures on rural properties, such as cattle pens, nursery stalls, gates, and cattle guards. The Foundation has also made improvements to the power distribution networks in rural areas, in addition to the maintenance of rural and urban infrastructure. 13 of the 24 workers are from the region itself, and there are plans to create 80 more job openings for local labor. 

At the beginning of August, works will be resumed in the urban area of Barra Longa, with the construction of the Exhibition Center, repairs at the Jose Vasconcelos Lanna Municipal School, the Padre Jose Epifanio Gonçalves State School, Manoel Lino Mol Square, and Beira Rio Avenue, in addition to the cleaning of land around unoccupied temporary housing. Forest restoration activities will also be resumed in Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs) affected by the collapse that will be isolated and fenced. The soil’s preparation for planting seedlings needs to be done before the rainy season so that the quality of the replanted forest is not impaired. 


Health and safety measures

The Renova Foundation has been gradually resuming works and actions throughout the Doce River Basin, after a three-month suspension of activities due to COVID-19. The beginning of the works was accompanied by measures that mitigate the coronavirus’s possible spread or proliferation.


The Renova Foundation had already adopted this practice in other municipalities that authorized the resumption of works. In the case of Barra Longa, the same measures were used in the other territories, in addition to specific actions to protect its residents. The resumption of works will be carried out in stages, with the majority of workers being local.

Learn about the actions that have been developed to contain the spread of the virus: 

  • Creation of a committee to analyze and periodically monitor the resumption works, proposing preventive actions for workers. 
  • Workers that are from increased risk groups will not be involved in the resumption activities. 
  • Minimum quarantine requirement of 14 days for employees from outside the region. 
  • Covid-19 testing for all workers returning to work. 
  • Mandatory use of masks, gloves, and other safety equipment. 
  • Daily body temperature check and interview with the Health and Safety team. 
  • In case of symptoms, the employee will be immediately isolated and will undergo new testing. 
  • Access to hand sanitizer and handwashing facilities. 
  • Permanent reminders of good practices for containing and fighting the virus at the DDSS (Daily Health and Safety Dialogue) with all employees. 
  • Prohibition of group gatherings and sharing personal or collective items. 
  • Permanent cleaning of frequently handled objects and surfaces. 
  • Meals are distributed in take-out boxes at the workplace, respecting set lunch schedules and maintaining a distance between tables and chairs. 
  • Offering specific training and booklets with a focus on containing the spread of the virus. 
  • Special guidelines informing about the dangers of storing alcohol hand sanitizer in vehicles, avoiding accidents due to exposure of the material to sun and heat. 
  • Transportation carried out with half the occupancy of the vehicles and the mandatory use of a mask.

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