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Published in: 04/03/2019

Renova Clarifies , Renova Esclarece

The Renova Foundation reports that up to April 1, 99% of the Loss of Profit payment proposals that were presented to those affected by the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM) were accepted, totaling 3,550 signed agreements and 3,216 payments. It is expected that more than 85% of those eligible will be indemnified.

The 2018 Loss of Profit cases not yet served, about 15% of the total, are due to occurrences that require a greater time for analysis and reaching an agreement. These cases are being handled internally by the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM).

The Renova Foundation points out that all those eligible for the 2018 Loss of Profit payment will be contacted and attended to by the PIM. Payments made after the date established by the Technical Board of Social Organization (March 31, 2019) will be increased with interest and corrections.

The Renova Foundation continues with its commitment of integral reparation of the damages caused by the Fundao dam collapse and reaffirms that those affected will be integrally indemnified for any loss of verified income.

About the Loss of Profit

The Loss of Profit corresponds to the income that the affected person obtained as a result of his or her productive activity, but that was interrupted as a consequence of the Fundao dam collapse.

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