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Published in: 04/19/2021

Economy and innovation

In all, 13 projects from six municipalities in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo benefited from training and financial investments

The first cycle of the partnership between the  Renova Foundation and BrazilFoundation, aimed at the promotion of economic development and entrepreneurship in the municipalities affected by the Fundao dam collapse in Mariana (MG), made it possible to develop projects in six cities and towns in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo located in the Doce River Basin. In all, approximately R$ 738 thousand were invested in 13 projects to stimulate social organizations and micro-entrepreneurs.

The RFP of the first cycle was launched in January 2019 and, after the selection of 13 projects, the training process for creating and managing sustainable companies began through classes and consultancies (in-person and virtual) on topics such as Management, Financial Management, Communication, Marketing, Pricing, and Market Access.

In parallel, monitoring was carried out to evaluate business plans and define result indicators, following up on project execution through periodic meetings and technical support.

Ten projects were selected in Minas Gerais

  • APARD – Association of Fishermen and Friends of the Doce River, in Governador Valadares: increase in social pisciculture and transfer of technology for cage aquaculture – Surubim Project
  • ASCANAVI – Natureza Viva Recyclable Waste Pickers Association, in Governador Valadares: improvement of recycling processes
  • Ipaba Rural Farmers Union, in Ipaba: diversifying crops through drip irrigation system
  • Agricultural Cooperation Association June 1st, in Tumiritinga: renovation of the alembic still and refinement of “Mineira do Leste” cachaça
  • Cachoeirinha Settlement Association, in Tumiritinga: revitalization of the Tumiritinga dairy (in its final phase of construction)
  • Atelier Lar Doce Lar, in Resplendor: handicrafts training
  • Artisans Association “Maos do Povo,” in Resplendor: restructuring of the sales location and improvement of quality of handicrafts
  • Mimos da Mari, in Resplendor: improvement of the production process of handcrafted items
  • Barbosa Community Development Council, in Sem Peixe: renovation of the local community kitchen
  • Camoes Family Farming School Association, in Sem Peixe: implementation of agricultural production units at the school’s main building to generate income for students, focusing on the practical implementation of theory learned in class

In Espirito Santo, three projects were selected, all in Baixo Guandu:

  • Corrego Mutum Claro Rural Producers Association: increase in the production of bread, cakes, and sweets
  • Corrego Mutum Preto Rural Producers Association: improvement of the production of vegetables
  • Ilha da Fantasia: increase and diversification of artisan sweets production

The results

The activities took place over 19 months, from March 2019 to September 2020, and directly benefited 538 people with actions strengthening the management and structure of local businesses. Due to the initiative, the entrepreneurs obtained significant results in the management of their businesses, development, and improvement of products and services, and expansion of the sales capacity, which resulted in increased income through the projects. 

“The projects contributed significantly, making participating businesses more competitive and strengthening their income generation potential by improving activities that were already being undertaken by the communities. Approximately 50% of the projects incorporated new employees or created jobs,” says Andre Mapa, Economy and Innovation Analyst at the Renova Foundation.

The 13 production groups established a structure with adequate equipment to increase their volume and quality of production. Moreover, about 75% of them have already reported an increase in results.

In addition to the production scenarios presented above, others are yet to come. Furthermore, the Renova Foundation and BrazilFoundation launched a second RFP, with another ten projects implemented in the 2nd cycle, throughout 2020. The results are expected to be released later this year.

About BrazilFoundation

BrazilFoundation is an international organization headquartered in New York and Rio de Janeiro, with independent activities aimed at mobilizing resources for ideas and actions that promote equality, social justice, and opportunity for Brazilians. BrazilFoundation seeks individual donations and institutional partners to support it.

During its 18 years of experience in mapping, selecting, supporting, and training social organizations, BrazilFoundation noticed that small and medium-sized organizations have great difficulty accessing strategic resources, which aim to improve their management and accelerate their growth.

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