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New opportunity for adoption of rescued animals

Published in: 01/13/2017

Animal Adoption

Action is part of the homeless animal assistance program

This month, the second round of animal castrations has started. It involves the animals that were sheltered after the collapse of the Fundão dam, creating new opportunities for adoption.

The castration is done in partnership with the NGO Institute for Animal Rights Defense (IDDA), which operates in Mariana and Ouro Preto (MG). The joint effort is being organized due to the birth and arrival of more animals at the Temporary Animal Shelter (CATA).

Currently, 44 animals are available for adoption. During the first round, held in March and April 2016, 96 of the 110 rescued and castrated animals received a new home.

Animal castration creates new opportunities for adoption.

Animal castration creates new opportunities for adoption. | Photo: Leo Drumond / NITRO


To adopt, you need to schedule a visit to the Temporary Animal Shelter (CATA) in the district of Camargos (MG), by calling (31) 3559-5425. The adoption process includes a personal interview and the signing of an agreement that features, among other things, the monitoring of the adaption process for six months by a veterinarian hired by the Renova Foundation.

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