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Families of Bento Rodrigues visit the land where the district will be rebuilt

Published in: 05/24/2017

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People were able to see where the school, the church, the São Bento square and the main streets and blocks will be built

The families of Bento Rodrigues have gone back to the land they chose for rebuilding the district. The visit was aimed at presenting, on the spot, a little more about what the new community will be like. In total, 125 people from the community participated in the meetings, which were divided into small groups so that everyone could make the most of the moment.

This is a new step, in addition to the urban project construction workshops in which the discussions were guided by maps and didactic guides. Now, the ex-residents were to check out for real the location of the future facilities of the school, church, São Bento square and main streets and blocks.

Mrs. Maria do Carmo, 70, woke up early, prepared breakfast and went with her family to the Convention Center in Mariana (MG), where she met some old friends. With her 74-year-old husband Mr. Benedito Valadares by her side, she was very eager to go on the walking tour and was determined to follow the route on foot all the way till the end.

“I missed the smell of the wilderness. For me, this visit was wonderful, I am happy to be here and I have great expectations. Today we are convinced that we will get our own little space. God willing, everything will happen in the best possible way and I’m really looking forward to seeing the community reunited”, said Mrs. Maria do Carmo.

Also for those who visited the area of ​​the new district for the first time it was worthwhile. “Being here fills us with joy and expectation for a new life. It is very important that we feel this emotion during the visit. Today we only see wilderness, but we can feel that, soon, we will have our new houses and the community reunited again”, said 34-year-old Angelita da Conceição Lucas Lobão.

According to Antonio Pereira Gonçalves, 47, known as “Dalua”, the community expects to be reunited in one place to save old memories and revive old customs. “It was the first of the many visits that lay ahead of us. This is a very important step, because many did not know where the terrain was located. Today they could be with their neighbors and begin to understand where they will live the coming years”, said the member of the commission of affected parties of Bento Rodrigues.

In total, 125 people from the Bento Rodrigues community visited the Lavoura land to learn a little more, from close up, about how the new district will be

In total, 125 people from the Bento Rodrigues community visited the Lavoura land to learn a little more, from close up, about how the new district will be. | Photo: Release


The Renova Foundation will continue the resettlement process with the detailing of the engineering projects, which include the sewage network, streets, land levelling works, among others. All documentation, environmental studies and the urbanization decree, which is granted by the Municipality, will be filed with the State Department of Environment and Sustainable Development (Semad). Once the environmental license is granted, vegetation suppression is expected to start in July.

An individualized assistance plan will be based on a survey of socioeconomic data and the use and occupation of properties for understanding the issues specific to each family. That way it will be possible to start individual agreements to discuss the houses. The best way to complete this next step will be discussed with the commission of the impacted parties and the technical advisory body. The new district is expected to be delivered to the community by March 2019.

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