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Published in: 12/16/2021

Social Assistance RFP

More than 3,000 vulnerable families in the municipalities of Colatina, Sooretama, Aracruz and Baixo Guandu will be assisted

Seven institutions from Espírito Santo selected in the Renova Foundation’s Social Assistance RFP received the first installment of resources, in the total amount of R$ 970 thousand. In all, 3,824 vulnerable families in Colatina, Sooretama, Aracruz and Baixo Guandu will benefit from the actions. After the initial transfer, remote meetings were held with representatives of the Municipal Social Assistance Secretariats and Reference Centers for Social Assistance (CRAS) to present the work plans. 

About BRL 4 million, divided into four installments, will be allocated to entities to complement social assistance services to strengthen the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS), in order to assist vulnerable families affected by the Fundao dam collapse (MG). The forecast is that collective activities, such as workshops and lectures, will start in the communities this year, with the objective of strengthening family and community bonds. The monitoring can be carried out by the population through the Monitoring Committees of the Actions of the Social Assistance Plan (COMAPPs), which will be formed as of November in each of the regions covered.

The notice is part of the Renova Foundation’s Social Assistance Reparation Plan, and aims to support projects aimed at serving families or individuals living in socially vulnerable situations in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. In all, R$9.5 million will be transferred to 11 municipalities, which will be distributed according to the specificities of each location in relation to the affected vulnerable families. The municipalities covered by the RFP are: Aimorés, Belo Oriente, Galileia, Governador Valadares, Resplendor, São José do Goiabal and Tumiritinga, in Minas Gerais; and Aracruz, Baixo Guandu, Colatina e Sooretama, in Espírito Santo. 

Social Assistance Reparation Plan in Espírito Santo

The Social Assistance Reparation Plan aims to support municipalities in the development of social assistance actions, including sociocultural actions and psychosocial support for vulnerable families or individuals in communities impacted by the Fundão dam failure, in Mariana (MG). In Espírito Santo, the cities benefited are Linhares, Colatina, Sooretama, Marilândia, Aracruz and Baixo Guandu.

The proposal to adhere to the Reparation Plan follows two ways: through transfers of funds made directly to the municipalities, through the signing of a Technical Cooperation Agreement, in which professionals will be made available to expand service to families and to purchase supplies for activities in the services of the Social Assistance Reference Centers (Cras) and the Specialized Social Assistance Reference Center (Creas). 

The other way is through a public RFP, with the signing of a Technical Cooperation Agreement, in which resources are transferred to institutions to develop support activities for the services of the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS), thus strengthening the social assistance network of the municipality. The two types of adhesion to the Social Protection Reparation Plan last for two years and the actions may benefit a total of 5,065 vulnerable families in the state.


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