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Environmental Project Receives Support From The Young Leadership Training Program

Published in: 08/17/2022

Upper Doce River Territory , Young Leadership Training

Young people from the Bananal community, in Barra Longa, Minas Gerais, engaged to preserve and keep alive the Cima spring

The Reborn to Survive Project, supported by the Community Center for Culture and Development, assisted young people from the community of Bananal, in Barra Longa (MG), who came together to preserve and keep alive the spring of Cima, responsible for supplying the community for over 50 years. Through the Renova Foundation’s Young Leadership Training Program, the project carried out reforestation actions, enclosing springs, cleaning the surroundings and planting seedlings. 

The initiative had the participation of more than 300 people and the children were the first allies. They got excited about replanting native vegetation and protecting the spring.

Project Actions

All actions were carried out together with the community, in the form of a planting and care effort. The first meeting was intended to get to know the place, clean it up and think about future actions to protect the spring. Then, the fencing was carried out, which prevents damage caused by animals and ensures that there are no blockages in the water path, and the planting of native vegetation throughout the area was carried out.

The seedlings used in the actions were prepared in a small nursery, built specifically for the production of native plants. The space is under the care of the community.

The benefits of reforestation go far beyond protecting the spring, contributing to the maintenance of the local ecosystem, legal reserve and permanent protection area.

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