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Published in: 06/30/2022


Professionals from 748 schools will carry out studies on the social and economic impacts caused by the Fundao dam collapse

The Renova Foundation, in partnership with the Federal Universities of Minas Gerais and Ouro Preto (UFMG e UFOP), started the Doce River School project in May. Three thousand teachers from the municipal and state networks of Minas Gerais take the Mining, Dam Collapse and Revitalization course: Challenges for Education, for improvement.

The training is expected to reach a total of 6,000 professionals from 748 schools over four and a half years. The objective of the action is to train and qualify teachers in the construction of pedagogical projects committed to the reconstruction and revitalization of the areas affected by the Fundao dam collapse (MG).

Doce River School

With an investment of R$40 million, the improvement course is part of the Doce River School project. The initiative will also offer 72 vacancies in a specialization course and two extension projects, with 36 vacancies for the master’s degree and 18 for the doctorate. In a second phase, each school will receive up to R$3 thousand for the development of activities developed by the educators during the course.

Improvement course 

Participants in the first stage will carry out studies and research to learn about the impacts of the disruption on the economic, political, social, cultural and environmental life of students and families. Classes will consist of three modules: “Mining, Environment and Education”, “Specific themes in Education in the context of revitalization of the Doce River Basin” and “Organization of pedagogical work: articulating mining practice with classroom practices”. Then, an Experimental Pedagogical Project will be elaborated with the proposal to include the revitalization in the classroom practice.

Experimental Pedagogical Project

Based on the courses offered, Experimental Pedagogical Projects will be created to help educators understand and address the challenge of rebuilding and revitalizing ways of life in the region. Through the improvement and specialization courses, the initiative will be carried out in schools and in the municipality, together with the municipal education departments. At the regional level, together with the Regional Education Superintendencies, actions will be developed based on extension projects.

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