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Published in: 10/11/2021


The purpose of the workshops is to train young people and adults to encourage the preservation of local culture

From August 24th to 27th, the 1st cycle of Audiovisual Workshops was held for residents of Degredo, a community located in Linhares (ES).  The initiative is one of the actions of the Cultural References Documentation Program of Degredo, which is part of the Quilombola Basic Environmental Plan (QBEP).

The activities of the workshops were aimed at training young people and adults with the aim of stimulating interest in the perpetuation and preservation of local culture. During the classes, residents learned some techniques for preparing scripts, creating and editing films and videos, as well as guidance on capturing sounds and images from the environment.  It is expected that in September a new cycle of workshops will be held and, at the end, the participants will create a documentary about cultural manifestations of Degredo chosen by them.

Quilombola Basic Environmental Plan (QBEP)

The Quilombola Basic Environmental Plan (QBEP) is a document created to guide reparation and compensation actions related to the impacts caused to the residents of Degredo, in Linhares (ES), by the collapse of the Fundão dam, in Mariana (MG).

It is coordinated by the Renova Foundation’s team for the Protection and Recovery of Quality of Life of other Peoples and Traditional Communities Program, and was structured into 20 socio-economic and socio-environmental programs, divided into five pillars, which unfold into actions developed in the community. The general objective of the QBEP is to stimulate actions, articulate support and facilitate the resumption of cultural practices in the Degredo community, as well as to promote the exchange of celebrations and demonstrations with other remaining quilombo communities and with the municipality of Linhares itself.


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