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Conceptual Urban Design Project of Bento Rodrigues has been approved unanimously

Published in: 01/31/2017


The expectation is that the new district is built by March 2019

Last Saturday, January 28, 190 families of Bento Rodrigues (MG) unanimously approved the conceptual urban design project in a general meeting. It consists of the design of the new district and the definition of its size and limits, as well as the distribution of streets and blocks. The meeting, held in the Mariana Convention Center, had the approval of the proposal by acclamation, with the presence of 80% of eligible families, with the agreed minimum quorum of 75%.

The expectations of the families for the community resettlement became clear in the meetings held during 2016: the new location should preserve the original features as much as possible including property, urban and cultural aspects, particularly in relation to the neighborhood. It was from a listening process, built together with the community, a committee of representatives and Cáritas, a technical advisory body that helps in decision-making relating to the resettlement, that the Renova Foundation developed the draft of the conceptual urban design project. The Public Prosecutor of Minas Gerais (MPMG) monitored the work that followed national and international guidelines for involuntary resettlement, such as those from the World Bank.

Bento Rodrigues community approves conceptual urban design of the new district

Bento Rodrigues community approves conceptual urban design of the new district. | Photo: Thiago Fernandes


At this point, the Foundation Renova will continue the resettlement process with detailed sewage, road and earthworks projects, among others. All documentation, environmental studies and the urbanization decree, which is granted by the Municipality, will be filed with the State Department of Environment and Sustainable Development (Semad). Granted the environmental license, the expectation is that the earthworks will start in July.

An individualized assistance plan will be based on a survey of socioeconomic data and the use and occupation of properties for understanding the issues specific to each family. The best way to complete this next step will be discussed with the technical advisory body and the commission of the impacted parties. The expectation is that the new district will be delivered to the community by March 2019

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