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Published in: 06/30/2022

SIMPLIFIED INDEMNITY SYSTEM , Alto Rio Doce Territory , Mariana Territory

Municipalities have had access to the new flow since last year and the deadline for joining is June 30, 2022

The indemnities paid through the Simplified Indemnity System for residents of Mariana and Barra Longa, in Minas Gerais, reached, until March 31, R$ 67 million. Of this amount, R$ 44.3 million was paid to 187 people affected in Mariana, and R$ 23.1 million to 136 people in Barra Longa.

The indemnity flow was implemented in Mariana on September 27, 2021, and in Barra Longa, on November 16, 2021, by judicial decision of the 12th Federal Court. The registration deadline for municipalities runs until June 30th.

The Simplified Indemnity System made it possible to indemnify often informal categories such as artisans, cart drivers, washerwomen, subsistence and informal fishermen, sand harvesters and others, as well as formal categories such as professional fishermen, boat owners and companies such as hotels, inns and restaurants. The amounts of compensation in the Simplified Indemnity System, defined by Court, with a single and definitive discharge, range from R$ 17 thousand to R$ 567 thousand, according to the category of damage.

Can join the System:

– Persons who filed a claim for damages in Brazilian or foreign jurisdiction until April 30, 2020;

– Persons who, in any way, expressly manifested to public bodies and institutions (Public Defender’s Office, Prosecution Service, Military Police, Civil Police, Fire Department, Civil Defense, Social Assistance of the municipality) until April 30, 2020 the condition of being affected by the Fundao dam collapse;

– Specifically for Mariana, people who have a recognized registration/request/protocol/interview/registration with Cáritas until April 30, 2020.


Access to the Simplified Indemnity System is via the Attorney’s Portal , on the Renova Foundation website . Payment takes place within 10 working days after the approval of the acceptance agreement by the Court. To join, people must be represented by an attorney or public defender, following a judicial decision.

The Renova Foundation has dedicated teams to deal with any problems in using the platform and is in permanent contact with the applicants’ attorneys via SMS, email or WhatsApp. Attorneys can call 0800 031 2303 for any doubts or concerns.


Until March, the Renova Foundation disbursed R$ 20.83 billion in reparation and compensation actions in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. Of this amount, R$ 9.36 billion were in indemnities and Emergency Financial Aid (AFEs) for more than 373,300 people. Through the Simplified Indemnity System, until March 31 of this year, approximately R$ 5.68 billion had been paid to more than 56,700 people. For more information about the indemnities paid by the Renova Foundation, access the Reparation Data.

Locations with access

In all, 45 municipalities, 36 in Minas Gerais and nine in Espírito Santo, have access to the Simplified Indemnity System until June 30th.

In Minas, the municipalities with access are: Aimorés, Alpercata, Barra Longa, Belo Oriente, Bom Jesus do Galho, Bugre, Caratinga, Conselheiro Pena, Córrego Novo, Dionísio, Fernandes Tourinho, Galileia, Governador Valadares, Iapu, Ipaba, Ipatinga, Itueta, Mariana, Marliéria, Naque, Periquito, Pingo-d’Água, Ponte Nova, Raul Soares, Resplendor – including the riverside community of Vila Crenaque and excluding the Indigenous People – Rio Casca, Rio Doce, Santa Cruz do Escalvado, Santana do Paraíso, São Domingos do Prata, São José do Goiabal, São Pedro dos Ferros, Sem-Peixe, Sobrália, Timóteo and Tumiritinga. In Espírito Santo, the municipalities of São Mateus, Linhares, Aracruz, Conceição da Barra, Baixo Guandu, Colatina, Marilândia, Fundão and Serra have access to the System.

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