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Clarification on water withdrawal in Resplendor

Published in: 12/14/2016

Renova Esclarece

The Renova Foundation clarifies that after the last rains that hit the town of Resplendor (MG) and the consequent flooding of rivers, all the equipment for the withdrawal of water that was installed in the Santaninha River, were turned off and immediately transferred to another point of this river, right after the technical staff found out about the incident.

Another measure taken to ensure the water supply for the population was increasing the number of water tank trucks that, in a structured way, get water from the Manhuaçu River, as had already been happening, maintaining the supply of the municipality’s Water Treatment Plant ( ETA). It should be noted that at no time there was water shortage in the town. In addition, the Foundation has worked intensively to seek new alternatives for withdrawing water to ensure the supply for the population in the long-term.

The Renova Foundation states that it was structured to act preventively in emergency situations to minimize possible consequences mapped out for the rainy season in partnership with environmental organizations, public authorities, Civil Defense and communities. Thus, monitoring centers were implemented in direct contact with Civil Defense, the institution responsible for directing the initiatives for conservation and social recovery in emergency situations, and environmental agencies, allowing agile decision-making and more efficiency in getting information to the society.

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