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Candonga receives faster and more detailed water monitoring

Published in: 05/18/2017

Water Monitoring

New quality measurements are generated every 30 minutes

The water monitoring in the Candonga reservoir has become even faster and more efficient. With the installation of a buoy equipped with a multiparameter probe in the reservoir, it is possible to generate new quality measurements every 30 minutes.

“Before, this work was done hourly by teams that went to the places of operation. With the buoy, the monitoring of the water has become faster and more detailed, mainly, the part that goes back to the Doce River, after dredging the tailings”, explains Luciano Rocha, automation engineer.

The equipment measures the water quality and transmits the measured values, in real time, to a website that stores the generated information. The electronic address can be accessed by environmental agencies, such as the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), and by the Renova teams responsible for tailings dredging and environmental monitoring.

New buoy sends real-time information on Candonga's water quality

New buoy sends real-time information on Candonga’s water quality. | Photo: Release

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