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Published in: 07/26/2021

Reassentamentos , Resettlements

Sixteen employees join the Department of Public Works and Urban Management team

Aiming to expedite the process of analysis, issuance of permits for public works, and other demands of the entity in Mariana, the city hall and Renova Foundation signed an agreement to hire 16 professionals working in the Department of Public Works and Urban Management.

Through this agreement, which was ratified in May, the company Telsan Engenharia e Serviços, hired through public bidding, arranged for the hiring of employees to work under a contract, initially for 18 months.

The new professionals are already available to the municipality and working on-site at the City Hall, primarily at the Department of Public Works, supporting municipal civil servants exclusively with demands of the Renova Foundation, such as the analysis and approval of projects and issuance of permits related to resettlements in Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo, in addition to family resettlement construction works.

“We are working together with the City of Mariana doing our part to expedite the resettlement construction works and contributions of the Renova Foundation to the municipality,” says Ligia Pereira, Institutional Relations coordinator at the Renova Foundation.

The team also works on releasing documents concerning other construction works carried out by the Foundation in Mariana and its districts, including the analysis of dismemberments, inspections, and As-Built (building plan after construction is completed), among others.

In addition to professional reinforcement, the agreement states that the Renova Foundation should report monthly the number of projects filed and permits issued by the city hall. In Bento Rodrigues, as of June 11th this year, 165 basic projects were filed with the city hall, 133 for houses, 7 for collective properties and 25 for vacant lots, and 136 permits were issued, 111 of those being for houses, 3 for collective properties and 22 for vacant lots. In Paracatu de Baixo, as of June 11th this year, 46 basic projects were filed with the city hall, 36 for houses, 8 for collective properties, and 2 for vacant lots besides 10 permits issued for houses, and 4 for collective properties.


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