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Adopt a friend: pets waiting for a new home

Published in: 09/19/2016

Animal Adoption

Initiative is part of the homeless animal assistance program. Learn how to adopt.

From the pets that were saved after the Fundão dam collapse, some dogs and cats are still available for adoption. All have been castrated, wormed and vaccinated.  If you are interested in adopting a friend call +55 (31) 3559-5425 and schedule your visit to the Animal Shelter and Rescue Center, located at the Asa Branca Farm, district of Camargos in Mariana/ Minas Gerais.  

Adoption step by step:

  • Those interested must be at least 18 years old and be a Brazilian resident.
  • Come to the Animal Shelter and bring an official photo ID and proof of residence.
  • Participate in an interview for profile analysis.
  • In the case of multiple interest for the same animal, adoption is on a first come first serve base. It’s not possible to adopt without being present.
  • The Renova Foundation, with the help of a specialized team, will follow the adaptation of the pet during six months.
  • Before adopting, verify if the condominium where you live allows pets.
  • If you live in an apartment and you’d like to adopt a cat, you’ll need to install a window guard.
  • Dogs and cats can’t be transported loose: use a transportation box.
  • The pets need their owner’s affection and protection; download the brochure “Adoção Responsável” (only available in Portuguese) and have access to a guide with tips and information on how to take care of your pet.
Animals rescued after the Fundão dam rupture. Photo: Leo Drumond / NITRO

Animals rescued after the Fundão dam rupture. | Photo: Leo Drumond / NITRO

On September 24, thirteen of the pets that were rescued in Mariana and Barra Longa got a new home during a free cats and dogs adoption event held in Mariana Convention Center (MG). The event was promoted by the NGO Ajuda, in cooperation with the supermarket chain Hiper Bretas.

Medium and long term emergency initiatives

Right after the Fundão dam collapse, Samarco looked for a location where they could shelter and perform emergency assistance to small animals (dogs, cats, chickens etc.) and medium and large sized animals (horses, pigs and cattle) that were rescued by the Fire Department in cooperation with several NGOs and volunteers.

The animal assistance program, which is now being managed by the Fundação Renova, counts with a specialized team to take care of the daily health and quality of life of the animals, as stated in the Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term (TTAC).

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