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Youths Of The District Of Caratinga (Mg) Promote The Revitalization Of Public Spaces And Activities For The Community

Published in: 08/17/2022

Doce River Channel Territory , Young Leadership Training

The initiative is part of the Young Leadership Program, which provides for environmental, social, economic and cultural revitalization actions in the Doce River basin

Young people from the community of São João do Jacutinga, in Caratinga, Minas Gerais, engaged in transforming the Dom Pedro II square into a permanent space for social interaction. Based on the Squares: The Heart of The Community project, which has the support of the Renova Foundation, through the Young Leadership Training Program, carried out by Geraldo Perlingeiro Abreu Foundation, the space was revitalized and filled with culture, sports and knowledge.

The initiative included actions to preserve the environment and a lecture on environmental education in schools. Activities also included appreciation of local cultural expressions, prevention and health improvement with dental care, blood sugar measurement and stretching classes. The space also received improvements in infrastructure, with revitalized benches, sports and leisure equipment, as well as activities for the entire community. 

The project had a partnership with the City Hall, through the departments of Environment, Health, Culture, Sport and Recreation and the Youth Department; Copasa and Environmental Police, in addition to the Antônio Martins Teixeira and Mary Lucca Chaves Municipal State schools.

Young Leadership Training

The Geraldo Perlingeiro Abreu Foundation (FGPA) supports 22 projects in the Young Leadership Training program. With funds transferred by the Renova Foundation, the institution developed Doce River Roots and Wings to serve 20 municipalities in Minas Gerais. The initiatives are divided into several pillars, such as culture, environmental education and revitalization of public spaces.

The Young Leadership Training Program aims to mobilize and engage young people in the process of repairing the Doce River basin, through environmental, social, economic and cultural revitalization actions in 41 municipalities in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. Click here and learn more about the Program. 

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