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UFMG and UFV researchers join the Renova Foundation in PPA Restoration actions

Published in: 04/10/2018

Recuperação Florestal , Forest Recovery

Post-graduate professors and students will assist in defining the priority areas of the program’s actions

Researchers of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) will assist the Renova Foundation in defining the priority areas of the actions that are part of the Recovery of Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs) Program. The program aims to recover, over 10 years, 40,000 hectares of PPAs and water recharge areas along the Doce River basin.

The partnerships with the universities were signed; in February with UFMG and in March with UFV. This is one of the first programs to receive technical and scientific support from UFV after signing the Technical Cooperation Agreement between the University and Renova.

The study will provide a framework the investment of R$ 1.1 billion in the Doce River basin | Photo: Tercio Koehler

From now on, 24 academics from the two institutions, including professors and master’s and doctoral students, will assist Renova in defining the criteria that will guide the selection of the areas that will be prioritized in the no-till planting of 10,000 hectares and in the restoration of 30 thousand hectares, through natural regeneration. These criteria can be economic, social or environmental. Among them are: the generation of employment and income for the locality and the importance of the restoration of local springs.

The study will provide a framework for the investment of R$ 1.1 billion in the Doce River basin.  It is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019. The technician of the Renova Foundation that accompanies the study, Felipe Tieppo, emphasized that the partnership with the universities will be very beneficial for the Doce River basin. “They are two great institutions, with several opinion makers. This will bring even more scientific and technological foundation to the program,” he said.

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