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Published in: 06/25/2018

Change in the governance system reinforces the legitimacy of the solutions adopted to compensate for impacts caused by the Fundao dam collapse

The Renova Foundation embraces the effective participation of those affected in defining the measures taken to compensate for the damage caused by the Fundao dam collapse as an step forward in its governance system. The presence of communities in the decision-making process will further increase the legitimacy of all repair actions.

TAC Governance. Understand what has changed.

“We have always advocated that communities be part of the decision-making process. Those affected always had a voice, but now they have a vote. This is a breakthrough. We have a new and dynamic governance model, which is being incorporated and improved. It’s a collective learning process,” says Roberto Waack, Head of the Renova Foundation.

The presence of communities in the decision-making process will further increase the legitimacy of all repair actions | Photo: Released

Since its creation, the Foundation’s governance has had the prerogative to make adjustments to its formation and there has been a commitment so that the representation of those affected is reinforced in all its bodies. Therefore, five seats of the Advisory Board were passed on to affected parties in 2017. In addition, there is community participation in all stages of the definition of compensation actions. One example are the hearings and dialogue forums, such as those for resettlement, in which each stage of the process was collaborative, meeting the demands of the community. Those affected are now represented in all governance bodies, including the Interfederative Committee.

In an innovative conflict mediation model, the answers to each repair challenge are obtained through negotiation, and no party involved has control over the decision. The involvement of those affected, civil organizations, academia, public authorities and experts is a central pillar in the Renova Foundation’s way of finding and implementing solutions that integrate the 42 programs of its platform. Coexistence with different opinions and worldviews improves the quality of these solutions and they will only be effective and improve people’s lives if they are created together.

TAC Governance. Understand what has changed. 

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