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Published in: 11/29/2019

Local Economy

Approved projects promote socioeconomic development and entrepreneurship through BrazilFoundation partnership 


In October, the 10 entrepreneurship initiatives were announced that were selected through the 2nd Call for Projects, a partnership between the Renova Foundation and BrazilFoundation. In total, 23 projects were selected through the two RFPs, allocating R$ 1.2 million for actions in 11 municipalities of the Doce River Channel, and Mid and Lower Doce River territories.

Raquel from the Recyclable Material Collectors Association (Ascanavi) operates the paper shredder purchased with BrazilFoundation resources. | Photo: Released

The idea of this partnership is to promote socioeconomic development and entrepreneurship through the strengthening of social and micro organizations, productive and formalized cooperatives in the affected municipalities. The actions were directed to the municipalities of Sem-Peixe (MG) and Baixo Guandu (ES) and are focused on specific topics such as job and income generation, increased product commercialization and market expansion.

Among the ten initiatives selected in this second call, one is from Baixo Guandu (ES) – the Association of Small Rural Producers of Alto Bananal – and the others from Minas Gerais: Taquaraçu Community Association (Iapu), Joao Pinto and Tres Barras Rural Producers Community Association, Padre Angelo Stream Rural Producers Association and Maos Dadas Association of Brazil (Conselheiro Pena), Doce River Krenak Territory Beekeepers and Meliponiculturists Association (Itueta), Community Development Association of Barro Branco, Sabia and Vala Rufino (Resplendor); Itinerant Esthetics Center (Aimores) and Monique Leclercq Foundation (Sao Domingos do Prata).


Earlier this year, the project of the Recyclable Material Collectors Association (Ascanavi) from Governador Valadares was selected though the 1st Call for Projects. It is called “Social Awareness in Waste Management in Governador Valadares” and seeks to strengthen solidary entrepreneurship with the acquisition of materials for dissemination of the selective collection and equipment to improve the safety of glass storage and increase the sales volume of shredded paper.

Raquel Rodrigues da Silva, Ascanavi’s general coordinator, explains that the amount made available through the Call has already been invested in expanding the association’s work. “We are extremely excited that our project was selected. We purchased a semi-industrial paper shredder and custom shirts. With the paper shredder, Valadares now has a proper and safe place to discard confidential documents,” she says.  

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