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Published in: 05/09/2019

Environmental Education , Educação Ambiental

The project is part of the actions of the Educational Program for Revitalization of the Doce River Basin


On 05/08, the Renova Foundation opened a new RFP for public and private institutions, the Public Call for execution of the Project: Young Leadership Training for Revitalization of the Doce River Basin. Developed in partnership with the Technical Board of Education, Culture, Recreation and Tourism (CT-ECLT), the project is one of the strategies to implement the Educational Program for Revitalization of the Doce River Basin.

The objective is to promote the engagement and qualification of young people from the municipalities that were impacted by the collapse of the Fundao dam, and through the development of leadership aspects, projects can be elaborated and implemented aimed at the development of the River Doce Basin.

Up to five institutions will be selected, which will operate in the 45 municipalities affected by the Fundao dam collapse: 36 in the state of Minas Gerais and nine in Espirito Santo. They are: Mariana; Barra Longa; Rio Doce; Santa Cruz do Escalvado; Ponte Nova; Sem-Peixe; Rio Casca; Sao Pedro dos Ferros; Sao Domingos da Prata; Sao Jose do Goiabal; Raul Soares; Dionisio; Corrego Novo; Pingo D’Agua; Marlieria; Bom Jesus do Galho; Timoteo; Caratinga; Ipatinga; Santana do Paraiso; Ipaba; Bugre; Iapu; Sobralia; Fernandes Tourinho; Belo Oriente; Naque; Periquito; Alpercata; Governador Valadares; Tumiritinga; Galileia; Conselheiro Pena; Resplendor; Itueta; Aimores; Baixo Guandu; Colatina; Marilandia; Linhares; Aracruz; Sao Mateus; Serra; Conceicao da Barra; and Fundao.

The interested institutions have until 06/25 to send their proposals using the RFP page.

*The project is a compensation program that resulted from the environmental disaster that occurred in November 2015 in the Doce River Basin, caused by the collapse of the mining dam.

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