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Published in: 03/07/2022

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The value corresponds to an increase of 78% compared to the forecast for last year, and the accumulated total disbursed should reach R$ 30 billion by the end of this year.

In 2022, the Renova Foundation’s budget forecast for repair and compensation actions in the Doce River Basin is R$10.4 billion. The amount is 78% higher than the R$5.86 billion forecast for 2021. Thus, the total invested at the end of this year should reach R$ 30 billion.

Until December of last year, R$ 19.6 billion had been disbursed in reparation and compensation actions. Of this amount, R$ 8.71 billion was allocated to payments of indemnities and financial aid, reaching more than 363,500 people. For this year, the forecast is for BRL 5.4 billion in indemnities and financial aid, which represents a 150% increase compared to the BRL 2.16 billion forecast for 2021.

Last year, BRL 5.6 billion was disbursed in indemnity payments and financial assistance. Of this amount, BRL 5.1 billion was paid through the Simplified Indemnity System, implemented in August 2020, following a decision by the 12th Federal Court, which allows for the indemnification of often informal categories, such as artisans, cart drivers, washerwomen, subsistence and informal fishermen, sand harvesters and others. The system also compensates formal categories such as professional fishermen, boat owners and companies such as hotels, inns and restaurants.


For the resettlement works, an investment of R$ 1.79 billion is expected in 2022, an amount 60% higher than the amount of R$ 1.1 billion expected in 2021. The amount refers to all resettlement modalities, including the construction of the new districts of Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo, in Mariana (MG), and Gesteira, in Barra Longa (MG), the Family Resettlement modality and the reconstruction of residences in rural communities. With the infrastructure completed, the focus in Bento Rodrigues is building houses. In Paracatu de Baixo, the forecast is to complete the infrastructure and advance in the construction of the residences.

Sustainable Land Use

The actions of the Sustainable Land Use (SLU) program will receive resources of R$ 538.4 million to ensure the continuity, expansion and support of agricultural activities, recovery of springs and Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs) and tailings management. For agricultural activities, R$ 77 million will be allocated to the construction of infrastructure, such as drinking fountains, corrals, chicken coops, rooms, stalls and fish ponds. Approximately 7,200 hours of Technical Assistance and Rural Extension (ATER) are also planned.


The socio-environmental actions will receive BRL 257.6 million in 2022. Of this amount, R$ 101.8 million will be allocated to the area of biodiversity, as an aquatic and terrestrial monitoring program, in addition to research.

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