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Published in: 06/29/2022

Health , Mid Doce River Territory

The expansion of the health service will benefit 1.5 million people from 86 municipalities

The Renova Foundation will allocate more than R$ 21 million to the structuring of the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) East/Steel Valley region. The implementation will benefit 1.5 million people from 86 municipalities, 25 of which were directly affected by the collapse of the Fundao dam, covering 100% of the eight micro-regions in the area covered by the Governador Valadares and Coronel Fabriciano Regionals.

The first quarterly installment in the amount of R$ 10.1 million was released by the 12th Federal Court of Minas Gerais to the Intermunicipal Health Consortium of the Urgency and Emergency Network of the East of Minas (Consurge), responsible for the management and operation of East Samu/ Steel Valley, according to an agreement established with the Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG).

The first phase has been completed, and the second phase should be implemented this year, with state resources. The third phase will also be carried out starting this year with funds from the Renova Foundation.

Acquisition of ambulances

For the third phase, seven ambulances will be acquired, four Advanced Support Units (USA) and three Basic Support Units (USB), in the total amount of R$ 1.8 million. In the end, the health service will have 39 ambulances, eight USA and 31 USB, adding the ambulances acquired with state resources and parliamentary amendments in the first and second phases.

About R$ 1.5 million will be allocated to the purchase of equipment and R$ 3 million will be invested in the operation of the service for three months, which includes the cost of supplies and complementary materials for the operation of the service, such as medicines, hygiene materials for ambulances, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), vehicle maintenance, furniture for decentralized bases, among others.

Emergency Regulation Center

The construction of the Emergency Regulation Center (CRU) will also receive funds from the Renova Foundation, in four-monthly installments, the first being in the amount of R$ 120 thousand.

Currently, the East Samu/Steel Valley region CRU is located in a space provided by the 8th Integrated Public Security Region (RISP), in Governador Valadares, preventing the expansion of service. A feasibility study was carried out to allocate resources for the implementation of the CRU in its own location and with the appropriate dimensions, which represents a legacy for the East and Steel Valley macro-regions.

Source of resources

The resources that will be used for the structuring of East Samu/Steel Valley region come from funds that were deposited in court and that were intended to combat the Covid-19 pandemic by the Renova Foundation and its sponsors. More than BRL 120 million were made available, of which BRL 84 million for Minas Gerais and BRL 36 million for Espírito Santo for structuring actions in the health area, through the acquisition of capital goods and/or durable consumer goods defined by the public authorities. The resources are considered compensatory and an anticipation of reparation of damages resulting from the Fundao dam collapse, in Mariana (MG).

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