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Published in: 12/16/2021

Strengthening of local organizations

With the conclusion of the institutions strengthening stage, R$ 5 thousand will be allocated to each project for initial investments

After four months of training in the Renova Foundation’s Project to Strengthen Local Organizations, 169 institutions began to receive funds for initial investments in third-sector projects. R$5,000 is being earmarked for each entity to put into action the plans drawn up for operations in the areas of tourism, sport, culture and recreation in the Doce River Basin.

The institutions, located in 39 municipalities of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo affected by the Fundao dam collapse, worked on the weaknesses and needs over 60 hours of workshops and classes conducted by the Integrated Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Programs (CIEDS). Participants were able to delve into the techniques of the third sector and prepare to compete for public RFPs. The content sought to develop the strengthening of management capacity, the establishment of action in a network of partnerships, and the enhancement and increase of potential of the territory. Subjects such as education, financial management, legal and accounting aspects, communication and strategic planning were also addressed. 

The next phase, scheduled for next year, will be a round of business, networking and benchmarking to encourage articulation between organizations and partners and expand what was taught in the classroom. According to Maria Cristina Aires, coordinator of Education, Culture and Tourism at the Renova Foundation, the project seeks to strengthen active local organizations so that they are able to identify, mobilize, raise funds, work in networks and carry out actions for community development. “It is these strengthened and active institutions that will ensure the sustainability of the various compensatory and reparatory actions carried out in the territories”, she says.

The Project to Strengthen Local Organizations is carried out by the Renova Foundation’s Tourism, Education, Culture, Sport and Recreation program and aims to promote actions that contribute to improving the quality of life in the affected municipalities and stimulate tourism development in the defined centers.


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