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Renova Foundation organizes workshop of the Educational Program for the Revitalization of the Doce River Basin

Published in: 12/26/2017

Environmental Education

Public officials, experts and representatives of basin committees met to evaluate and create proposals for environmental education for locations hit by the collapse of the Fundao dam

Invited by the Renova Foundation, representatives of local governments, Doce River Basin Committees, experts and members of the Technical Board of Education, Culture, Leisure and Tourism met to evaluate and contribute to the creation of environmental education proposals for the locations affected by the collapse of the Fundao dam. The workshop, held in Governador Valadares (MG), discussed the lines of action and proposals of the Educational Program for the Revitalization of the Doce River Basin.

The event, which took place on December 5 and 6, is part of the collective construction stages of the Environmental Education Program organized by Renova. “The objective is to present, discuss and receive contributions from public managers in the area of ​​education and environment of the 39 municipalities impacted by the collapse of the Fundao dam, CBH-Doce representatives, and the Technical Board on the pillars of the program: lines of action, objectives and details of the subprograms,” explained Shymena Guedes, leader of the Education and Culture Program.

The participants were organized in groups, in different rooms, focusing on three subprograms: Education, Productive and Sustainable Landscapes; Strengthening of the Doce River Revitalization Practices Network and Strengthening of Public Policies for Revitalization of the Doce River Basin. Each room was composed of four subgroups, discussing proposals following guiding questions. At the end, the groups presented and received contributions from members of the other groups.

“The event was very useful both for those who were present, and for the Renova Foundation, due to the direct contact with municipal managers and representatives related to civil society. All had the opportunity to discuss issues related to environmental education in different areas of society,” said Alexandre Sylvio, professor at the Federal University of the Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys (UFVJM), who attended the workshop.

According to Juliana Andrade, analyst of Socioeconomic Programs of the Renova Foundation, the next step is to evaluate the proposals discussed in the events already held. “The proposals discussed and forwarded in the previous stages – Event for Sharing Stories and Know-How and the workshop with public managers – will be put into the system by the team to draft a base document, which will be sent to those involved in the process of participatory elaboration of the program to make virtual contributions “.

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