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Published in: 06/19/2018

Restauração Florestal

The pilot will be implemented in the Suacui sub-basin in an area of ​​300 hectares of Permanent Preservation Areas (PPA)

The Renova Foundation and WWF-Brazil signed an agreement to develop a pilot project for large-scale forest recovery, integrating sustainable rural development and an inclusive approach of communities in the Doce River basin region.

WWF-Brazil, a non-governmental organization committed to the conservation of nature within the Brazilian social and economic context, will apply its experience using forest recovery models already tested in other basins and aimed at increasing and improving water quality. Good agricultural practices, valued through payment for environmental services and associated with other economic and financial instruments, will be tested throughout the project with the objective of making the recovery and preservation of the environment more attractive and bringing social benefits to the local communities.

The pilot will be implemented in the Sucui sub-basin, in 300 hectares of Permanent Preservation Areas (PPA) and other areas of water recharge in the regions of Galilee, Governador Valadares and Periquito, in Minas Gerais. Based on the pilot’s results, the lessons learned from this work are expected to be replicated in the 40,000 hectares of PPAs that will be recovered in the Doce River Basin.

“Our intention with this partnership is to join efforts with the Renova Foundation and with all the local players who are working hard in this arduous and emergency task of recovering the Doce River Basin. We will seek to adopt and improve successful experiences we have had in other projects in other regions to accelerate forest restoration through a governance structure that contributes to rural development and the improvement of the living conditions of local communities,” says Mauricio Voivodic, Head of WWF-Brazil.

According to the Head of Engagement and Participation of the Renova Foundation, Andrea Azevedo, “recovering the Doce River goes beyond a concern for the environment. It is, above all, a social issue. Any solution will only last if it is created together with the people living in the territory and with the help of experts. A wide range of conservation and restoration actions in the Doce River Basin is being carried out, and this partnership with WWF-Brazil brings to the efforts of the Renova Foundation the highest standards of quality and commitment in promoting the rational use of natural resources. This initiative will benefit not only the regions impacted by the Fundao dam collapse, but serves as a reference to be applied in other basins throughout Brazil.

About WWF-Brazil

WWF-Brazil is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working to change the current path of environmental degradation and promote a future where society and nature live in harmony. Created in 1996, it operates throughout Brazil and is part of the WWF Network (World Wildlife Fund), present in more than 100 countries.

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