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Renova Foundation Advisory Board organizes first meeting

Published in: 02/22/2017

Renova Foundation

During the event four representatives of CBH-Doce were inaugurated

On Wednesday February 8, the first meeting of the Renova Foundation Advisory Board was held in Belo Horizonte (MG). The body’s role is to give its opinion on, and to validate and display solutions for the recovery activities of the Doce River, which are already ongoing.

Also, on the same day, four representatives of the Doce River Basin Committee (CBH-Doce) were inaugurated into the Advisory Board. During the meetings, Hernani Santana, João Lages, José Geraldo Rivelli and Senisi Rocha will be responsible for including the demands of the communities impacted by the collapse of the Fundão dam in November 2015.

For Roberto Waack, CEO of the Foundation, the participation of the Committee in the Board is essential for the draft of the actions that will be worked on, the implementation of these actions and the monitoring of all the work.

Several topics were discussed at the meeting, like how to operate, and the responsibilities of the Advisory Board, as well as the exchange of experiences between its representatives, members of civil society, educational institutions and researchers.

According to Professor Hernani Santana, vice president of CBH-Suaçuí, the relation between the Committees and the Foundation is critical for the recovery work on the basins.

Senisi Rocha, one of the representatives of CBH-Doce, believes his participation in the Committee is of great importance, because besides contributing to the process he can also interact and report to the committees of the Rio Doce Basin about developed actions.

The expectation of this new partnership is that CBH-Doce can help the Renova Foundation, through the Board, to work on the recovery of the Doce River and assist the residents of the affected regions.

Renova Foundation Advisory Board holds its first meeting and receives four representatives of CBH-Doce

Renova Foundation Advisory Board holds its first meeting and receives four representatives of CBH-Doce. | Photo: Release

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