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Published in: 03/16/2020

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Offices and construction sites received guidelines on hygiene and safety; reparation actions continue

* news published on March 16

Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and in view of the increase in confirmed coronavirus cases in Brazil, the Renova Foundation, responsible for repairing and compensating the damages resulting from the Fundao dam collapse in Mariana (MG), decided to adopt preventive and safety measures for the community in general. The objective is to minimize the chances of spreading the virus among the affected population, employees and partners in the territories in which it operates. The Foundation reiterates that, even with the measures taken, the reparation work is on course.

All the units, offices and construction sites of the Foundation received guidance on hygiene care and other actions that help to stop the spread of the virus, according to WHO protocols.

The Dialogue and Institutional Relationship teams should reevaluate the scheduled meetings, especially the collective ones, and seek alternatives to maintain interaction with the interested public, as well as the Interfederative Committee (CIF) and the different instances of Governance.

As a precaution, staff of the Foundation will temporarily work from home, between March 16 and 20, for administrative activities and is studying alternatives for cases in which physical presence is essential.

Construction sites, like the ones of the resettlements, continue to operate. Arrangements are being made to minimize the amount of people on buses and in the cafeteria. Professionals working in the offices on the construction sites have adopted reduced working hours, according to the guidelines of the managers.

The activities at the offices of the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM) have been suspended. Appointments that would be carried out this week will be rescheduled.

The Information and Service Centers (ISCs) have also changed their operation. A reduced team will continue with the delivery of 2019 Income Reports, but only on demand to those who request it. The 0800 line is still active.

The Renova Foundation is monitoring the spread of the coronavirus throughout the territory and will continue to adopt preventive and safety actions by region in accordance with regional, national and international protocols, if necessary.

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