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Published in: 11/09/2020

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Fishermen are being contacted to gather information about Aquaculture and Fishery activities

The Renova Foundation, through the Program for the Resumption of Aquaculture and Fisheries Activities, is working on mapping the fishing production chain in the municipalities along the Doce River Basin. This work consists of obtaining information about the fishing and aquaculture activities in the communities affected by the Fundao dam collapse in Minas Gerais. The information collected will provide the program with greater knowledge about the productive structures in the territories and provide subsidies for the construction of future actions that meet fishermen’s needs.

“We need to know the constitution and dynamics of the fishing chain, how it works, and what the production, processing, sales, and consumer market structures are. Another important aspect is to know the development of the fishing trade, communities involved, fishing techniques and gear used, and what the production and sale are. All this, so that we can understand what the productive structure looked like before the Fundao dam collapse, proposing actions and projects that meet the productive resumption of fishing and aquaculture activities along the entire Doce River channel,” said Luciana Azevedo, from the Resumption of Aquaculture and Fisheries Activities team.

To this end, since the second half of October, representatives of Walm Engenharia, a company that provides services to the Renova Foundation, are calling public institutions, fishermen associations, and fishing villages in the territories for an initial information survey.  At this time, as a result of social isolation, only the local fisheries leaders are being consulted, and, later, after the viability of the fieldwork, the research will be extended to the other parties involved in the fishing activity. There is only remote contact to maintain security measures that aim to ensure the integrity of communities and employees in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After mapping the production chain, an action plan will be developed, where actions and projects will be developed to help overcome the difficulties concerning the resumption of fishing and develop the affected communities’ potential.

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