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Published in: 11/17/2021

Local Economy

Initiative promotes economic diversification, strengthening micro and small businesses in the Doce River Basin region

The Doce River Impulse, a project by the Renova Foundation in partnership with the IEBT and Impact Hub, is open until November 14th. The initiative aims to stimulate ideas and boost business by offering training, advice and monitoring for the development of projects. In addition to promoting economic diversification, Doce River Impulse will strengthen micro and small businesses in the Doce River Basin region. To participate, you must be registered with the Renova Foundation. Registration is free and must be done by filling out an online form on the website:

The Renova Foundation will select 1200 ideas and businesses of any kind*, which can be at three different maturity levels:

  1. new business ideas;
  2. early-stage businesses with revenue, formalized or not, that need management tools to leverage their businesses;
  3. existing businesses that seek to be accelerated to the market, through restructuring, strengthening or expansion of their business model.

*From the traditional, social, collective (including associations and cooperatives), technological segments of commerce and services, as well as those specifically aimed at the development of tourism-related activities in their various spheres (historical, cultural, ecological, religious, gastronomic, sporting etc.) or even rural producers interested in developing markets to sell their produce.

Local agents for the project

Alongside the business registration, between October 25th and 29th, 50 local agents will be selected along the Doce River basin, 20 of which will be for Mariana and Barra Longa, in Minas Gerais, and 30 for other locations. Responsible for a maximum of 30 groups, agents will have to foster the creation and development of businesses, promote the generation of employment and income, train entrepreneurs through the use of tools associated with business management and build a support network between the region’s entrepreneurs for business sustainability. 

Acceleration methodology

During the training and qualification period, the selected groups will participate in individual and collective activities, such as carrying out a business maturity diagnosis and presenting each entrepreneur’s development plans.

Among the expected results are the increase in revenue from existing projects, the training of people with competence for business management, job creation and new businesses. The result of the selection will be announced until November 19th, and the groups will be attended until May 2022.


Project Doce River Impulse

Registration until November 14th


Results of the selection: November 19th


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