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Published in: 08/09/2020

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Available since August 1st for residents of Baixo Guandu (State of Espirito Santo), from this Monday 10th, the new Indemnity system implemented by Renova Foundation can also be accessed by lawyers representing residents of Naque (MG).

The Portal do Advogado (Lawyer´s Portal) was established by the Judiciary as an alternative to indemnify, fully and definitively, the damages directly caused by the collapse of the Fundão dam. The new platform is available on the foundation’s website.

The new platform was created from the decision issued by the 12th Federal Civil and Agrarian Court of the Minas Gerais judicial section by a lawsuit filed by the Comissões de Atingidos de Baixo Guandu e de Naque Commissions of Affected Persons in  Baixo Guandu and Naque) for the resolution of Eixo Prioritário 7 – Cadastro e Indenização. (Priority Axis 7 – Registration and Indemnity).  

Renova Foundation points out that the system is another option for those affected, in addition to the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM) currently in force, which follows the eligibility criteria and compensation parameters applied by Renova Foundation.

The deadline for applicants from both cities to choose whether they want to join the new on-line platform is set for  October 31st.

Access to the new on-line indemnity platform is intended exclusively for lawyers appointed by the applicants, who must meet the requirements for each stage of the process, such as the submission of documents. Once submitted to the on-line platform, the documents must be evaluated by Renova Foundation in accordance with the terms stipulated by the court decision, which is why their submission does not constitute an automatic validation. After completion of all stages and acceptance of the proposal, the individual agreement term will be sent to the court for approval and subsequent payment.

Since October 2019, Renova Foundation has been participating, together with its maintainers Samarco, Vale and BHP, in hearings at the 12th Federal Court, in Belo Horizonte, to define priority actions in the process of recovery of the Doce River. According to a judicial decision, 12 priority axes have been established, on which Renova Foundation already operates and which are now under the supervision of the Judiciary.

Renova Foundation understands that the negotiations are in line with the purpose of meeting fairly, fully, and satisfactorily the wishes of society and solve the lawsuits related to the collapse of the Fundão dam.

By June 2020, R$ 9 billion was spent on integrated repair and compensation actions. About R$ 2.54 billion was paid in indemnities and emergency financial aid to about 321 thousand people. By the same date, in Baixo Guandu, R$ 154 million in financial aid was paid to 1,754 beneficiaries and about R$ 38 million in indemnities to 1,265 families. In Naque, the amount paid was R$ 16.4 million in emergency financial aid to 241 beneficiaries and R$ 4.3 million in indemnities to 235 families.

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