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Multisector Fair promotes generation of business in Mariana

Published in: 11/28/2017

Local Economy

Renova Foundation participates in a business event, organizing lectures and panels on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation

The promotion of entrepreneurship, the stimulation of the use of new technologies and the possibility of generating new business are the focus of the 12th edition of the Multisector Fair of Mariana – MultiSet 2017. The event will be held between November 30 and December 2 in the Mariana Arena. The fair gathers micro and small businesses from industrial, commercial and service sectors that are interested in presenting their products and differentials to larger companies in a setting that facilitates business opportunities. The entrance is free.

Organized by the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Association of Mariana (ACIAM) / Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDL-Mariana), the 2017 MultiSet Fair aims to develop local entrepreneurship. The structure of the event is comprised of exhibitor stands, space for business roundtables, technical and motivational lectures, courses and trainings and cultural attractions, with diversified programming.

The 2017 MultiSet Fair aims to develop local entrepreneurship and stimulate innovation and technology actions

The 2017 MultiSet Fair aims to develop local entrepreneurship and stimulate innovation and technology actions

This year, the Renova Foundation is partnering up with the MultiSet Fair and will present lectures and panels to the public that aim to stimulate the local economy and foster innovation and technology actions. With the theme “Entrepreneurship and Mariana”, the 2017 MultiSet Fair will feature workshops, case presentations of local entrepreneurs and lectures of other speakers, among them the volleyball idol, Tande. The ex-player will show – in an informal and practical way – a comparison between his sport and business routines, and how to dodge the obstacles to success with the lecture “Life is a game”. A retail specialist and pioneer in e-commerce, award-winning consultant Fred Rocha is another speaker. With a wide experience in the market and expert in “thinking out of the box”, he will address the theme “Never stop undertaking new business”.

The programming was arranged so that businesspeople and entrepreneurs have easy access to entities of reference and representativeness in their sector, get to know their work and identify ways to ensure a partnership to strengthen the local business environment. The stage will include technicians, CEOs, superintendents and presidents of entities such as Sebrae, Fiemg, Federaminas, FCDL, OCEMG, UFOP, the Dom Cabral Foundation, among others, as well as business consultants and local success cases.

In addition to participating in the fair, Renova will promote the Lab Truck Senai. This truck transforms into an open laboratory: a place of knowledge on new technologies and innovation. The goal is that students and entrepreneurs can experience the space and think about new business possibilities and/or the job market. The program is free of charge and the Lab Truck will operate in the Mariana Arena parking lot, starting November 30th, from 9am to 2pm.

According to Paulo Rocha, technology and innovation leader of the Renova Foundation, the 2017 MultiSet Fair is important because it is one of the main business promoters in Mariana and region. “Micro and small businesses play a key role in regional development and, certainly, settings for exchanging experience, sharing knowledge and business opportunities are fundamental for them to fulfill this role,” says Paulo Rocha.

The event will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to generate new business and investments in various sectors. Moreover, the fair is sponsored by the Government of Minas Gerais through Cemig, and is supported by Vale and the Municipality of Mariana. The expectation is that about 40 entrepreneurs of micro and small businesses, exhibitors of products and services, participate in the event. The organization expects to reach an audience of approximately 6,000 visitors during the three days of the fair, generating around R $ 1 million in business between the exhibiting companies.

The president of ACIAM/CDL Mariana, Geraldo Carvalho, emphasizes the importance of the Multisector Fair for the promotion of Mariana’s economy. “This is ACIAM’s contribution to stimulate local commerce, creating new opportunities and promoting business among entrepreneurs. We have high expectations for this fair, with the recognition of the potential of our town to host events like these,” he says.

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