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Published in: 03/04/2022


Doce River Impulse selected projects from 40 locations in the Doce River Basin to strengthen and diversify economic activity

The Doce River Impulse project selected 1,285 projects, among those registered in the 40 locations affected by the Fundao dam collapse, to start the consultancies. Conducted by the Renova Foundation, in partnership with the IEBT, the initiative will promote economic diversification and strengthen micro and small businesses, through training, advice and monitoring of projects.

Until May 30th, those responsible for the projects will receive online training and mentoring, workshops for networking and personalized consultancy on the evolution of the business and the application of tools. According to Leyse da Cruz Ferreira, from the Renova Foundation’s Economy and Innovation Program, among the expected results are an increase in revenue, training of people for business management and generation of employment and new businesses.

The initiatives

Of the total, 75% are already existing enterprises, such as bars, restaurants, snack bars, furniture design office, audiovisual production, commercial stores, fish farming, health and aesthetic clinics, artisanal production, from food items to embroidery, crochet and many others. The remaining 25% are in the development stage. Examples include a beauty salon, restaurant, mechanic shop, fishmonger, alembic, seasoning factory, sale of plant seedlings, clothing and accessories store, food and services in general.

Those selected are undergoing an individualized diagnosis in order to analyze the feasibility of the enterprise. “They have the support of an acceleration agent, who is responsible for providing personalized follow-up to each entrepreneur, identifying needs and carrying out technical follow-up”, says Leyse.


The Doce River Impulse project covers the towns of Mariana, Barra Longa, São José do Goiabal, Rio Doce, Santa Cruz do Escalvado, Dionísio, Rio Casca, São Pedro dos Ferros, São Domingos do Prata, Raul Soares, Sem Peixe, Marliéria, Timóteo, Ipatinga, Bom Jesus do Galho, Caratinga, Santana do Paraíso, Fernandes Tourinho, Córrego Novo, Pingo d’Água, Bugre, Sobrália, Ipaba, Iapu, Governador Valadares, Alpercata, Conselheiro Pena, Galilee, Tumiritinga, Naque, Belo Oriente , Periquito, Aimorés, Itueta and Resplendor, in Minas Gerais. In Espírito Santo, Baixo Guandu, Linhares, Colatina, Marilândia, and Barra do Riacho (District of Aracruz) are part of it.

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