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Published in: 10/26/2020

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The event, which takes place in the Mariana Arena, will also be broadcast on YouTube 

This Tuesday (27/10), the citizens of Mariana will participate in the public hearing that will present proposals for the revision of the Master Plan and elaboration of the Mobility Plan. The event takes place in the Mariana Arena, from 6 pm to 10 pm, complying with all the guidelines of the health authorities. In addition, the residents of the city will be able to follow and participate in the audience, live, on the channel

The project of revision of the Master Plan and elaboration of the Mobility Plan is carried out by the city of Mariana, with support from the Renova Foundation and technical advice from ERG Engineering, and has been taking place since last year. To draw  up a mobility plan we need to think, for example, about the implementation of cycle paths and cycle lanes, the improvement of traffic in streets and avenues, accessibility on sidewalks, as well as public and private transport services.

In the initial months of the project, professionals from various areas worked collecting data and going to the field to write the technical reports. In October and November 2019, it was the time for the teams to visit the ten districts and five other regions of the municipality to listen to the residents of these places regarding what they experience in their daily routine in the places where they live.

The sum of the technical and community studies were used to create the Integrated Diagnosis. It was from this diagnosis that the proposals that guided the revision of the Master Plan and the elaboration of the mobility plan emerged.

Popular participation

At the end of these 16 months, residents of the entire municipality will have participated in three public hearings, in addition to collaborations during the 15 community workshops. During this period, the work of the technical team was closely followed by the Management Group, a group formed by 90 representatives of the executive and legislative branches, the community, and the business, technical and popular sectors.

During the public hearing, the proposals of the Master Plan and the Mobility Plan will be presented and participants will be able to ask their questions or make remarks in person and online, respecting the order of registration and the maximum time of three minutes for each person.

After the hearing, the bills will be forwarded by the executive branch to the City Council for discussion and voting by city councilors. After their approval, the bills will be forwarded to the mayor to be signed into law.

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