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Published in: 03/15/2019

Water Supply , Abastecimento de Água

The Water Treatment Plant (WTP) of the village has been renovated and is ready for use


The Regencia community, a village located in the region of Linhares (ES), now features an improved water supply system. With the renovation and improvements to the region’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP), the risk of shortages – due to the rainy season and the increased amount of people during the tourist seasons – is reduced and the population will not depend on water tank trucks.

The Water Treatment Plant in Regencia has been renovated and the system has been improved in order to be able to provide for the local water supply. | Photo: Released

The works were completed in the first half of 2018 by the Renova Foundation, but testing was needed to ensure the full functioning of the system. After more than 100 water quality tests carried out and evaluated by the Linhares Autonomous Water Sanitation Service (SAAE) and by the State Prosecution Service of Espirito Santo (MPES), the WTP is ready for use.

At first, water from the WTP and from SAAE will be mixed in a process known as blending, which will start in March. The leader of the Renova Foundation’s water supply program, Yone Fonseca, spoke of the benefits for the region. “The blending procedure will ensure a continuous water supply of good quality to the community,” she said.

The levels of chloride, barium and other parameters analyzed in the water collected and treated by the WTP of Regencia, meet the standards required by Consolidation Ordinance No. 5/2017 of the Ministry of Health.

In addition to the improved water quality, water tank trucks will be used less for transportation in the area – on rainy days, for example, the road conditions made it difficult for the water to reach the community, impacting the water supply. From now on, trucks will only be used in cases of emergency.

The monitoring of the water quality and distribution to the region will be carried out by SAAE, in compliance with the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, which establishes the norms and standards for the potability of water for human consumption.

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