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Published in: 10/28/2017

Renova Clarifies

About the content aired on Globo Reporter yesterday, October 27, 2017, the Renova Foundation clarifies that:

– Veterinarians are constantly monitoring the health of the animals that are under the responsibility of the Renova Foundation. Regarding the facts reported by Mrs. Janaína Cardoso in the program, we inform that only one horse died under the care of the Foundation, and not three. The animal was bitten by a snake and this loss will be included in the indemnity to be defined.

– The Renova Foundation receives and distributes large batches of animal feed, such as fodder and silage. At the end of August, the Renova Foundation received a complaint from an owner about expired horse feed. The technical team promptly made sure that the food in question were not to be delivered. In less than 24 hours, the owner of the animal received a new batch.

– On the purchase of the tent for one of the affected people, the Renova Foundation informs that the item was purchased on an emergency basis and that the matter is being investigated. The Foundation will take the necessary steps to review procedures whenever necessary.

– Regarding the water quality of the basin, the Renova Foundation reports that the National Water Agency (ANA) has certified that it is fit for consumption, after due treatment by the municipalities and concessionaires responsible for distribution.

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