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Families visit animals under the care of the Renova Foundation

Published in: 06/01/2017

Animal Assistence

The objective was to have the animals and their owners meet

“An opportunity to kill the longing”. This was how the retired José Caetano Gonçalves defined the visit that the Renova Foundation organized for the residents of impacted localities so that they could find their animals, which are being taken care of at the Asa Branca Farm in Mariana (MG).

The visit, which took place on May 22, is the result of an awareness action, carried out by the Animal Care front. The objective was to understand the reason for the low number of visitations to the animals. “We realized that many owners did not come due to lack of information or because they feared that the separation after the visit would be bad for the animal. We tried to show that it is fundamental that the animals do not lose their familiarity and the bond with the guardians, especially if there is an interest to get them back and to live together in the future”, explains veterinarian Rafael Matos.

Families visit the animals housed at the Asa Branca Farm

Families visit the animals housed at the Asa Branca Farm. | Photo: Release

This was the case of José Caetano, who did not know that the Foundation offers weekly transportation to visit the animals. “They came to my house and explained to me how to do it. I was very happy to see Peri so well taken care of”, said the retired, who was a resident of Paracatu de Baixo and now lives in a rental property in Mariana.

Currently, 50 animals are still kept at the site of which the owners have already been identified, in total 26 guardians. In this first phase, 11 families were contacted and all were present at the visit. In the coming weeks, the dialogue work continues with the remaining 15 guardians. The expectation is that a new meeting will be held on June 9.

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