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Douradinho project making progress in the region of the Doce River Basin

Published in: 06/22/2017

Environmental Education

Teachers from different municipalities participate in training to develop environmental education actions in schools

The Doce Douradinho Project has reached a new phase in the towns of Governador Valadares, Ipatinga, Mariana, Rio Doce, Barra Longa, Santa Cruz do Escalvado, in Minas Gerais, and Colatina, in Espirito Santo. Teachers from the seven municipalities are participating in training sessions to develop environmental education actions in schools.

The purpose of the training sessions is to make the school community aware and empower it for the implementation of the Douradinho Project and to use its tools. It is a dynamic moment, with the assistance of Eduardo Rocha and photography by Ricardo Abrahão, founder of the Institute Pelo Bem do Planeta (for the wellness of the planet), organization responsible for the Doce Douradinho Project.

The sessions take two hours and feature discussions about the preservation and recovery of rivers and riparian forests, the implementation of the missions, as well as a discussion about the book “Tin Can Friend, River Friend”, by Thiago Cascabulho. They also work on decision making processes in groups, with activities inspired by the human condition of thinking, feeling and acting in defense of rivers and riparian forests.

“We feel the educators are our school guardians. They are responsible for implementing the activities proposed by the Douradinho Project in the classroom, encouraging students to participate. These educational moments are important to reinforce ties and answer questions”, says Eduardo Rocha, facilitator of the training sessions.

Teachers are trained to develop the Doce Douradinho project for environmental education.

Teachers are trained to develop the Doce Douradinho project for environmental education. | Photo: Douradinho Project


The work is being developed in the region since March and is part of a partnership between the Renova Foundation and the Institute pelo Bem do Planeta. “The partnership with the Renova Foundation is helping the Douradinho Project grow in the Doce River region, providing the distribution of 4 thousand ‘Tin Can Friend, River Friend’ printed books and the educators’ training sessions that are taking place this week.” Ricardo Abrahão, Founder of the Institute pelo Bem do Planeta.

The initiative proposes a look at water valorization, through reading and debate of the book, and the realization of the game “Play the Call”, which encourages children to become mobilizers of environmental actions. To learn more about the teacher training sessions, access the timeline and schedule on the website of the project.

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