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Published in: 07/26/2021

Social Assistance

Municipality of Minas Gerais will receive R$ 1 million to strengthen assistance to vulnerable people

The Renova Foundation signed the Technical and Financial Cooperation Agreement to strengthen the protection and social assistance services in Barra Longa. Signed in August 2020, the partnership guaranteed the hiring of human resources and the acquisition of equipment. About R$ 1 million will be allocated to the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS) in the municipality. 

Among the deliveries made are the playroom for socio-educational activities at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS), furniture, two vehicles, and two fuel cards to help the team move around. With the first transfer of recourses, seven social assistance and psychology professionals were hired to form the Social Protection technical team. The funds will be deposited in four installments and, to date, over R$ 146,000 have been disbursed.

For Glaziane Silva, analyst of the Renova Foundation’s Social Protection Program, the cooperation agreement “creates conditions to increase the installed capacity in the municipality and, consequently, improve the structure for assisting vulnerable families in Barra Longa,” she says.

Social Protection Reparation Plan

The actions follow the Social Protection Reparation Plan, built with the Barra Longa teams. Through the agreement, 24 municipalities in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo may receive a total of R$ 27 million and 35 vehicles from the Renova Foundation. 

The funds are intended to expand the service to more than 14 thousand vulnerable families residing in the locations affected by the Fundao dam collapse. The initiative is part of the Renova Foundation’s Social Protection Program, which aims to promote social protection through social assistance actions, including sociocultural actions and psychosocial support, accompanying affected vulnerable families and individuals.


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