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Clarification about the Mediated Indemnity Program

Published in: 12/02/2016


The Renova Foundation hereby informs that today, 12/2, the court ruled that the injunction was ineffective, suspending the effects of certain clauses of the Settlement Term of the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM), according to the decision available on link. Renova reinforces that it continues to provide services to people who have suffered disruption in the drinking water supply in Governador Valadares and is committed to expedite the promotion of a definite normalization of the affected regions and communities and all opportunities for improvement will be considered for continuous improvement of the Foundation’s activities and way of operation.

The Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM) is aimed at compensating those affected in a timely manner, alternative to a legal action, with a mutual agreement and without the procedures and costs of a lawsuit. The program is open to individuals, families, micro and small businesses that suffered material loss or loss of economical activities, as a direct and immediate consequence of the collapse. The participation is voluntary and free of charge.

For the calculation of the indemnity related to the water supply disruption period, the total amount of days that the town was left without water supply (in case of Governador Valadares, seven days) was taken in account and the average amount of the population’s water bills was evaluated. Based of this evaluation, the Foundation proposed to tailor the indemnity to the amount of R$ 1,000.00, considering the addition of 10% for vulnerable individuals. A family that, for example, includes five people, being a couple and three children, will receive about 5,300 BRL. Each family member, including minors, will be indemnified.

*The Settlement Term is signed by the individuals who voluntarily entered into the program and refers to the discharge of the harm suffered up to the time of signature of the agreement.

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