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Published in: 08/07/2019

Parcerias Institucionais , Institutional Partnerships

Initiatives may be submitted until August 15th and should be directed to any of the municipalities located between Sem Peixe (MG) and Baixo Guandu (ES)


With the objective of promoting socioeconomic development and entrepreneurship by stimulating social organizations and microbusinesses, productive and formalized cooperatives, the Renova Foundation and BrazilFoundation announce the second phase of the partnership that is already serving affected municipalities in the region between Sem Peixe (MG) and Baixo Guandu (ES).

The partnership provides for financial support and training of organizations linked to entrepreneurship. They can present projects aimed at the development of their activities, improving the social impact of their actions and the income of the families involved. 

Renova Foundation’s Economy and Innovation expert, Roberto Ruggeri, explains that the projects need to be related to specific topics such as job and income generation, increased product commercialization and market expansion. “With these topics, we want to promote local development by strengthening social organizations and formal microentrepreneurs that meet the selection criteria,” says Ruggeri.

The first call was launched in December 2018 and those selected are now developing their projects, which in total will receive R$ 739,000 for eight months.

One of them is Marcia Frederico Percilio from Baixo Guandu. Owner of the artisan confectionery Doces Artesanais Ilha da Fantasia and responsible for the “Producing Confectionery for Sweeter Lives” project, she wanted to expand her production and distribution capacity. “We were selected and participated in training and monitoring courses, which helped us immensely. We have also received the first part of the funding, which has enabled us to buy a good part of the machinery. Now we are in the process of obtaining a shipping license, which will enable us to expand our distribution chain, making it possible to deliver to supermarkets and even out of state,” exclaimed Marcia.

The project of the Recyclable Material Collectors Association (Ascanavi) of Governador Valadares in the Doce River Valley was also selected. It is called “Social Awareness in Waste Management in Governador Valadares” and seeks to strengthen solidary entrepreneurship with the acquisition of materials for dissemination of the selective collection and equipment to improve the safety of glass storage and increase the sales volume of shredded paper.

“We are very excited that our project was selected. We have already received half of the amount and have been able to pay for the services of the advertising and administrative agency. We have also bought a semi-industrial shredder and customized shirts for the mobilization action. With the paper shredder, Valadares now has a safe and secure place to discard confidential documents. Once we receive the rest, we will invest in the purchase of other products and equipment, such as a dumpster, so we can store glass more safely,” says Raquel Rodrigues da Silva, the association’s general coordinator.

The second call will make available an investment of $ 450,000 to approve an average of 10 projects of up to $ 45,000 each. Entries will run until August 15, 2019. Visit the site for more information about the RFP and learn how to submit your project.

BrazilFoundation has three valuation criteria to establish the amount to be donated. They are alignment of the investment to the operational capacity of the proposed business; the budget average of the last two years; and that the total value of this average does not exceed the value of the total amount to be donated to the 10 organizations. 

“Because we believe there are several civil society organizations, groups and collectives in eastern Minas that could resume or have an important role in generating socioeconomic development for various people, communities and towns in the region, BrazilFoundation has signed this partnership with the Renova Foundation, due to their involvement and general knowledge of the territory,” explains Monica de Roure, vice president and director of institutional relations at BrazilFoundation.


Announcement of approved projects should take place on September 30th. The contracts are expected to be signed this October and the financial disbursement will take place according to the execution schedule of each approved project.

It is expected that, at the end of the training and implementation of the projects, the approved organizations and microentrepreneurs have achieved an improvement in their management, production and marketing processes of their products, generating an income increase and contributing to local development.

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