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Barra Longa Will Receive About R$4.5 Million For Infrastructure Actions

Published in: 08/17/2022

Infrastructure , Upper Doce River Territory

Resources will be allocated to the completion of 12 works in the city, in addition to funding an inspection and consultancy team.

On June 22, the Renova Foundation announced the transfer of approximately R$4.5 million to the Municipality of Barra Longa for the conclusion of 12 infrastructure works in the city. With the agreement signed, the interventions, which were under the responsibility of the entity, become a commitment of the Municipality of the municipality. Of this amount, approximately R$520,000 will be allocated to the cost of a support, consulting and inspection team for the interventions.

José Vasconcelos Lanna Municipal School 

Part of the funds will also be used to repair and complete the works at the José Vasconcelos Lanna Municipal School. About R$315,000 will cover venue rental, energy consumption, building maintenance, purchase of equipment and emergency aid, due to the flood that hit the municipality at the beginning of the year.

After completion of the transfer, the Renova Foundation will continue to support the school community, through psychopedagogical and pedagogical monitoring carried out by the School Recovery and School Community Reintegration program.

Know the actions that will be performed and the amounts allocated:

Item Work Amount
1 Repairs at Manoel Lino Mol Square R$1.148.164,98
2 De-silting of the Pacheco Stream gallery in Manoel Lino Mol Square R$289.016,42
3 Creation of two wings for the continuity of the gallery to the river R$296.535,13
4 Drainage on Avenue Capitão Manoel Carneiro with 1° de Janeiro Street R$318.820,31
5 Repairs to the paving at the intersection of Avenue Captain Manoel Carneiro with 1° de Janeiro Street R$113.491,68
6 Drainage near Quindumba gas station (Volta da Capela) R$140.488,22
7 Renovation of the Municipal Court including the dressing room R$200.425,57
8 Water intake bridge R$486.227,44
9 Cleaning, reconstruction and landscaping of Beira Rio Avenue R$249.280,49
10 Removal of rubble and washing of streets and avenues (from Quindumba bridge to Jurumirim bridge, including Monsenhor Horta, Getúlio Etrusco and Pedro Jose Pimenta Avenues) R$224.484,35
11 Restoration of the asphalt paving of Quindumba Bridge to the beginning of 1º de Janeiro Street and restoration of the polyhedral paving of 1º de Janeiro, Getúlio Etrusco, Matias Barbosa and Raimundo Alves Xavier streets, and Captain Manoel Carneiro, Floriano Peixoto and Pedro José Pimenta avenues R$226.628,38
12 Interventions at José Vasconcelos Lanna Municipal School R$315.832,00
13 Support team/Consulting/Inspection R$520.488,77
TOTAL R$4.529.883,74

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